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Rabbis Opposing Zionism
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The Difference Between Zionism and Judaism

It must be stated that not all Jews are Zionists, and not all Zionists are Jews.  There is a clear distinction, next is a summarized understanding of the important difference.

What is Zionism?  One of the basic aims of Zionism is aliyah, the immigration to the Zionist state of Jews from all countries.  The geographic location chosen for this immigration is Israel. Nevertheless, during the past few years hundreds of thousands of Israelis have out-gathered themselves from the Zionist paradise, and American Jews have "voted with their feet" and have chosen not to be in-gathered. These Jews recognize that the Zionist state is in fact contrary to their individual freedoms.

According to Jewish law, a Jew owes allegiance and loyalty to the country of which he is a citizen, and, of course, no faithful Jews owes any loyalty or allegiance to the Zionist state.

The fact is, that the Zionist conspiracy, of which many, Jews are a part of, has made possible events and developments that were unthinkable even ten years ago.  People refuse to notice the Zionist hands on virtually every power lever in the US federal government. Or at the helm of virtually every media organization that exists, and throughout the executive and editorial ranks. Problem is, most the US seem not to know it.

Evrey body shoud be anti-Zionist. Wither he is Jewish or not, but now a days, it takes a lot of courage to be opposed to Zionism. It also took a lot of courage during the Second World War to be anti-Fascist in
Italy, or anti-Nazi in Germany.  The difficulty is in drawing a clear distinction between anti-Zionist and anti-Judaism.

Words of the Rabbis Opposing Zionism

Rabbi Yitzchak Aramah was a will known Jewish scholar in Spain, prior to the expulsion. He was born there, in 1420 and served as the chief rabbi, of the city of Catalayud. He later passed aware in the Italian city of Naples in 1494 after the expulsion. He was renown for his works on Jewish philosophical matters, and one of his most famous works was called "Akeidas Yitzchak", a commentary on the Torah.

In this book, in chapter 26, Rabbi Yitchak Aramah states that the Decree of Exile for the Jewish People is so serious that even if the Jewish People were to terminate the Exile from the Holy land ONE DAY before the willing of GOD, the entire People would be in great danger by virtue of having violated the prohibition of ending the Exile as discussed in the Talmudic Tractate Kesuboth 111.


Rabbi Yosef Rozen of Dvinsk, known as The Rogatchover

Excerpt from a letter written in 1904 by Rabbi Yosef Rozen of Dvinsk, known as The Rogatchover:

Heaven forbid that we should test God and strive with him concerning the length of the Exile in order to be masters in the Holy Land.

To those who share these Zionist views but profess to be believers, whose lips drip with Torah and piety, I have this to say: Do you not know that Zionism and self-rule are VANITY AND PURSUIT OF EMPTINESS AND IMITATION? Why do you despise the Torah and stretch out your hand to transgressors tainted with HERESY, and why do you not consider in whose company you go?


Maimonides, Iggeres Teiman – Letter to Yemen

[Maimonides wrote this Letter to the Jewish Community of Yemen almost 1,000 years ago]

And as King Solomon knew with divine inspiration that the Jewish People would face the consequences of this and that suffering would come upon them, and warned the Jewish People not to do this (i.e. violate the Three Oaths), and in a metaphorical way made them swear not to commit these acts, as it is written in Song of Songs, 3,5: I made you swear Daughters of Jerusalem by the deer and gazelles of the field should you arouse or awaken love until it is so desired.

Therefore, you, dear brethren, must accept the Oath and do not attempt to arouse the love until the proper time when the Alm-ghty shall remember us and you with his trait of mercy to gather his portion from Exile to behold his glory at his holy Temple and redeem us from the Valley of the shadow of Death where he has placed us, thereby removing the darkness from our eyes and the fog from our hearts. He will then fulfill in our days and in yours the verse from Isaiah 9:1 The nation wandering in darkness shall see a great Light, and a Light shall shine on those residing in the land of the shadow of death. At that time God shall darken the eyes of all those who rise up against us, and fulfill the verse from Isaiah 60:2 Verily darkness shall cover the land and fog shall cover nations, but the light of God shall shine upon you, and you shall display his honor.

Rabbi Yechezkel Shraga Halberstam

Quotes from Rabbi Yechezkel Shraga Halberstam The Divrei Yechzkel of Shinova

The rabbi from Shinova, who was the son of the Sanzer Rabbi of Poland said this, 100 years ago, at the dawn of Zionism:

"You should know, that when a Jew recites 'Hear O Israel, God is our Lord, God is One' he should have in mind to reject all idolatry in the world, and Zionism is also idolatry, and he must reject it as well."


Rabbi Moshe Leib Diskin once said:

"The rabbis of the generation should gather together and issue a writ of excommunication against the Zionists and eject them from the Jewish People, and make decrees against their bread and wine, and to forbid marrying with them,

The purpose of our exile, in addition to that of punishment, is to test us. Nachmanides (1194-1278) writes that the ultimate redemption depends on the Jewish people remaining faithful and preserving their identity in all the lands of their exile. This is a difficult task. The forces of persecution and the enticements of assimilation have often proved all too powerful. Yet, despite all, a remnant of Jews has always remained faithful and continues so, praise be to God, until this very day.

Thus, Jews are enjoined to perform a most precarious balancing act. On the one hand there is the obligation to act in an honest, empathetic, loyal and patriotic manner towards the nation in which they dwell. This obligation extends to Jewish relations with all peoples living within the nation. On the other hand, there is a need for spiritual and to some extent social isolation in order to practice the Torah and preserve Jewish survival. Inclining too far to either side of this dichotomy can result in much evil and confusion. In the proper balance, though, lies the fulfillment of Jewish destiny. And, combined with the yearning for the Messiah, it is the only recipe for the world's salvation. 

And, again, in his commentary on the prayer book, Rabbi Hirsch writes: 

"During the reign of Hadrian when the uprising led by Bar Kochba proved a disastrous error, it became essential that the Jewish people be reminded for all times of an important, essential fact, namely that (the people of) Israel must never again attempt to restore its national independence by its own power; it was to entrust its future as a nation solely to Divine Providence."

The contradiction between loyalty to the lands in which the Jewish people dwell in their exile and Zionism, was also explained by Rabbi Hirsch: 

"This close connection with states everywhere is not at all in contradiction to the spirit of Judaism, for the independent national life of Israel was never the essence or purpose of our existence as a nation but a means of fulfilling our spiritual mission."
"Land and soil were never
Israel's bond of union..."

"For this (Messianic -- author) future which is promised to us in the glorious predictions of the inspired prophets as a goal of the Galus (exile -- author), we hope and pray, but actively to accelerate its coming is prohibited to us." 

Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld

Leader of the Orthodox Jewish community in Jerusalem and a staunch anti Zionist. Around 75 years ago he participated together with the martyr Professor Yaakov Yisroel DeHaan (later murdered by the Zionists for his participation) in a delegation which visited King Hussein, his sons Faisal the King of Iraq and the Amir Abdullah, in order to lucidly present to them the position of the God-fearing Jewish community. The Jewish delegation clarified unequivocally that Torah Jews is totally opposed to the Zionist sovereignty over the Holy Land. Rabbi Sonnenfeld later established the anti-Zionist Rabbinical court of the Eidah Hacharedis and was appointed as its head and Chief Rabbi by the Orthodox community in Jerusalem, this court standing in opposition to the Zionist puppet "Rabbinical court" and its "Chief Rabbis".

After the disorders in Eretz Yisroel in 1929, the Chief Rabbi of the Orthodox Jewish Community, Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld, zt"l, issued a touching appeal to the Arab population to live in peace with the Jewish community, and assuring them that the Jewish people have no designs on the Temple Mount nor Arab properties.

This appeal, presented in English translation, as printed in Arabic in the leading Arab newspaper as well as in Loshon Kodesh in the Agudah weekly, Kol Yisroel on November 22, 1929.

Rabbi Sonnenfeld stated in his public declaration "Words of Truth and Peace" printed in issue number 6 of the Jewish Guardian, volume number I. as follows:

"The Jews do not want, in any way, to take that which isn't theirs. And they certainly do not want to contest the rights of the other inhabitants to the places held by them which they regard with honor and consider holy. And in particular there is no foundation to the rumor that the Jews want to acquire the Temple Mount. On the contrary, from the time that, because of our sins, we have been lacking the purity required by the Torah, it is forbidden for any Jew to set foot upon the grounds of the Temple Mount, until the coming of the righteous Messiah, who with the spirit of the Lord which will hover over him, will rule righteously, for the good of all creation, and will return to us the purity required by the Torah".(Ibid, p.3).

Rabbi Tzadok Hakohen of Lublin

The following is a letter written by the famous Rabbi Tzadok Hakohen of Lublin, Poland, before World War II:
Concerning the Zionists can be applied the verse: He who observes the wind will not sow, and he who beholds clouds will not reap.
The Zionists sow wheat and reap thorns, and EVEN SHOULD THE
WORK OF SATAN PROSPER, eventually there could be a horrible end, God forbid.
The Jewish People appear to be in this hour like a ship sailing in the heart of the sea without oars in a tempest. The helmsmen have been struck by blindness.
Do we not know that the whole purpose of the eventual Redemption is to improve ours ways and observe the Torah with all the protections our sages ordained for us? WHAT HOPE IS THERE FOR US IF THOSE WHO BLASPHEME THE TORAH SHOULD, HEAVEN FORBID,  BECOME MEN OF POWER

Tzadok Hakohen

SOURCE:  "The Transformation"  The Voice of Torah, pp 193-196

Rabbi Yeoshea Dzikover

The Dzikover Rebbe, zt”l, is widely known as Reb Yehoishea Dzikover. This is what he wrote:

(English Translation):

“For our many sins, strangers have risen to pasture the holy flock, men who say that the people of Israel should be clothed in secular nationalism, a nation like all other nations, that Judaism rests on three things, national feeling, the land and the language, and that national feeling is the most praiseworthy element in the brew and the most effective in preserving Judaism while the observance of the Torah and the commandments is a private matter dependent on the inclination of each individual. May the Lord rebuke these evil men and may He who chooseth Jerusalem seal their mouths.

To our distress, some rabbis from Russia have joined these evil men and distribute letters and pamphlets in persuasive words describing Dr. Herzl as one who desires to lead us into the palace of the King. And I have seen that one of this variety of rabbis who entertain empty ideas and speak pretentiously, has been writing against the great and righteous men of the age who are opposed to Zionism.

He alleges that they reject—Heaven forbid—the Land of Delight and do not yearn to settle there so that they may fulfill the commandments connected with the land. All this is falsehood and hypocrisy. The Zionists seek to transform settlement into redemption and the gathering of the exile, and to fulfill there the desires of their evil hearts and their abominable wishes.

These rabbis who deny that there is a God above, disguise themselves in a cloak of piety in order to deny. They write even that some of them, found it difficult to believe that Shem Yisborach had raised up a redeemer who is not an observer of the Torah but, they add, the Lord desires this and His will is inscrutable—exactly as in the days of Sabbetai Tsvi.

They too base their views on a falsification of a saying in the Holy Zohar by substituting ‘the land’ for ‘the Torah’ in Israel, the Torah and the Holy One, blessed be He, are one.’ May the falsifiers be confounded.

In this connection, it is fitting to quote the saying of our sages that the sin of Nodov and Avihu consisted in their saying that although fire descends from Heaven, it was a duty to bring ordinary material fire. Rashi commenting on the verse ‘And the land will not vomit you forth’ states that the land of Israel was not able to contain sinners. According to what has been reported, the Zionists are sunk in the extremes of defilement and abomination as in Egypt and like drunkards do they bring a strange fire which the Lord has not commanded. If only the masses of Israel are not caught in this iniquity—Heaven forbid. Whoever has a grasp of all the incidents occurring throughout the generations of Israel’s course, will be aware that from matters like these many calamities surround Israel.

As to the claim of these hypocritical rabbis that it is our duty to love even heretics and the sayings of the Sages which they cite in support of it, it should be pointed out that they have distorted their holy words into the opposite of what they meant. In the Oir Hachayim, Parshas Kedoishim, it is pointed out that the verse ‘And thou shalt love thy neighbor like thyself’ means that it is only a duty to love those who behave in a manner suitable for your people to behave but apostates and heretics, the enemies of the Lord, one is forbidden to love. King David said ‘I have seen renegades and I was grieved because they did not observe Thy word.’ On the contrary, those who profess to be lovers of Israel constitute a danger to our religion to a greater extent than the apostates. In my opinion, the benediction Velemalshinim applies to the Zionists who defame us by alleging that Israel is treacherous to kingdoms, Heaven forbid, and in revolt against governments. There are no slanderers as dangerous as the Zionists. Concerning the like of them, King Solomon said ‘Thorns and traps on a crooked path, he who would preserve his life will keep away from them.’

In the days of my sainted grandfather, Rabbi Eliezer of Dzikov, zt”l there was the famous storm aroused by Rabbi Tsvi Hirsch Kalisher who troubled the great Torah personalities of his day with his proclamation calling on Jews to go up to Jerusalem, built an altar, offer sacrifices and hasten the Redemption. His words reached the ears of the masses of the people and they believed that the beginning of the Redemption was at hand.

At that time, my grandfather ascended the Bimah before Kol Nidrei in the company of seven leading men of the town with scrolls of the Torah in their hands and he proclaimed: “If the Lord desires to redeem us, He will send us Melech Hamoshiach without first informing Rabbi Tsvi Hirsh in the land of Germany. Nor do we find a hint in the Holy Books that the announcer of salvation will appear in the city of Thorn . . . Far be it from us to cast our burden upon him for we have not heard the command from Heaven that permission has been granted to Tsvi Hirsh, the son of Malkah, to engage in hidden things. What he is doing is not ordained from on High but emerges from his own heart.’ When Rabbi Tsvi’s book came into the hands of my father zt”l, the author of the Imrei Noiam, he was so shocked that he immediately condemned it to be burnt.

Yet Rabbi Tsvi was most learned in Torah and conducted himself according to the Torah but a fierce hunger had seized him to become a leader in Israel and an announcer of the Redemption. He was led into making the boldest interpretations. He even ventured to treat the sayings of our Sages speaking of the future of Israel and the land of Israel after the coming of the Righteous Redeemer as if they applied to redemption at the hand of man, forgetting that only Shem Yisborach can bring about eternal justice.

That was why the Gedoilei Yisroel unanimously proclaimed that if we come to the land of Israel as guests uninvited by the Melech Hamoshiach, there is a great danger that we will be driven out. Nevertheless, the fact is that Rabbi Tsvi did not slander Israel. But today, we are seized with horror when we hear that the Zionists write that the peoples among whom we are scattered by the decree of the exile, are like thorns in the eyes of Jews and that the dispersion of Israel is a curse to the peoples. There has therefore been an increase among us of letters from the great men among our brethren to the effect that the sole delight of Zionists is to fill their bellies to the extent of their appetites, that all who oppress Israel become leaders, and that through the great extent of their desire to rise to greatness, their brains have become confused so that they no longer have the common sense to appreciate the evil which they are bringing upon us.

We are also told that the rabbis in alliance with the Zionists are grinding ground corn, that their words have already been said by the sect of Sabbetai Tsvi and later by Rabbi Tsvi to whom we have just referred, and that these writings have become the corner-stone of Zionism in our day and of Zionist distortion of the words of the Ramban zt”l.

I am therefore joining those who aim at setting up a fence to exclude the Zionist transgressors. Far be it from any man in Israel to enter their company. I find it fitting to conclude with the words of my grandfather, the holy Rabbi Naftoli Hirsh of Ropshits zt”l, in his book Zera Koidesh (Parshas ki Sisso) to the effect that the root of failings is attributable to what the mixed multitude is doing to us. According to the Holy Zohar, they oppress Israel more than the peoples of the world. It is important, therefore, to strengthen ourselves with faith exceedingly, for Israel was redeemed from Egypt through the merit of faith and for that merit will again be redeemed in a future Redemption. The reinforcement of faith is particularly necessary when one sees the way of the wicked prosper.

One must then fix in one’s heart the conviction that Shem Yisborach will certainly and speedily reveal His Royal Glory to us and all the evil will vanish like smoke.”

Thus spoke the true Gedoilei Yisroel at a time when Zionism first appeared with its confusion. Each of them is at a loss for words with which to clothe his feeling of hostility to the confusion of the mind created by it. It is a remarkable fact that at the present day, sixty years later, the Zionist still use the same language and especially can this be observed in the case of their religious camp followers with their talk of the love of Israel and the beginning of the Redemption, etc. The strong words of Gedoilei Yisroel of that time are still vital today for those who wish to see the truth.

SOURCE: "The Transformation" The Voice of Torah, pp 210-217

Rabbi David Friedman of Karlin

Rabbi David Friedman of Karlin wrote many years ago:
"My opinion about this is known, that Zionism is worse than the rest, because it claims that a person can be a Jew without the Torah, and many fell away because of this."

Rabbi Meir Simcha of Dvinsk, known as the Ohr Somayach

The following is a letter written by Rabbi Meir Simcha of Dvinsk, known as the Ohr Somayach:

May God cry out from from His holy habitation and give forth his voice for there have arisen NEW REBELS AND TRAITORS, thinking to establish a State... and have promised to deliver Israel from all its troubles in the Exile.

I cannot utter with my lips nor write down what is in my heart concerning these unstable people.... We should pay no attention to Herzl, because this Zionist vision is driving - God forbid - Israel to destruction.

It is our duty to preserve ourselves from being captured and mingled with the empty utterances of Herzl and Nordau and their cabal. I am astonished that the Mizrachi rabbis...will not unite with all those who have taken on themeselves the task of weakening the Zionist traitors. They actually uphold the Zionists and themselves will come to revile all those opposed ot this abominable Zionist movement, who teach that the only hope to Israel springs from the ZIONISTS WHO REJECT OUR HOLY TORAH.

Meir Simcha Hakohen

Rabbi Meir Simche, zt”l the Rabbi of Dvinsk, generally known by the title of his work, Oir Someach. He stated that words would not suffice to express his horror of the Zionist menace. Here are some extracts from the proclamation which he issued on the subject:
English Translation:

“The Lord doth roar from on high and from His holy habitation gives forth His voice, for there have arisen new rebels and traitors, thinking to lay the foundation of Zion and to establish a kingdom; and they have raised the standard, to gather our Exile, in the promise that in the near future, they will put an end to all trouble and calamity and that they, the Zionists, will deliver Israel from all its troubles.

I cannot utter with my lips nor put down in writing that which is in my heart concerning these unstable men.  We ask ourselves what have these unbelievers heard that they have come forth?  Who called them and what do they want with us?  They talk of redeeming us from exile while we do not desire redemption at the hands of man, seeing that we know that its end is—Heaven forbid—destruction and vanity, and all this comes upon them through the desire for greatness and power that burns and consumes their hearts like fire.

Heaven forbid that we should hasten the hour. Even were the foundation of a kingdom a basic commandment and even were we to hear a Voice from Heaven telling us that it is our duty to hearken to Dr. Herzl, then we should say that no attention is to be paid to a Voice from Heaven because this Zionist vision is driving--Heaven forbid--Israel to destruction.

It is our duty to preserve ourselves from being captured and mingled with the unstable utterances of Herzl and Nordau and with their conspiracy, and I am astonished that the Mizrachi rabbis, venture to dispute the words of our teachers and, instead of doing their duty, by uniting with all those who have taken upon themselves, the task of weakening the traitorous Zionists, they uphold them and will finally pursue and revile all those opposed to this abominable movement as if in truth—Heaven forbid—the only hope remaining to Israel springs from the Zionists who reject our Holy Torah.

King David cried out “I have seen renegades and I was grieved for they did not observe Thy word. Let dust seal their mouths for they are no better than the renegades who apostatized.”

SOURCE:  "The Transformation"  The Voice of Torah, pp 183-186

Rabbi Avraham Yoshe Freund of Nasoder Rebbe

Once before the Neila prayer on Yom Kippur Rabbi Avraham Yoshe Freund of Nasod said:

"It is not because they are Zionists that they are evildoers. It is because they are evildoers that they are Zionists."

Reb Elchonon Wasserman, zt'l

Reb Elchonon Wasserman, zt'l, was born in 1874 in Birz, Lithuania. He studied in Telzer yeshiva under Reb Eliezer Gordon and Reb Shimon Shkop, zt'l. Thereafter he went to Velozin to learn under Reb Chaim Brisker, the Rosh Yeshiva of Yolozin at the time. In 1906 he went to Radin to study in the Kokkel Kodshim, founded by the Chofetz Chaim. In 1910 Reb Chaim Brisker called Reb Elchonon to accept being Rosh Yeshiva in Brisk. It was first in 1921 that Reb Elchonon returned to Poland, to Baranovitch, where he was asked to head the local yeshiva, Ohel Torah. He was to head the yeshiva till the war years when he, together with hundreds of his students sanctified the Almighty's name. Witnesses have recounted that dreadful day--eleventh day in Tamuz, 5701 when the murderers came in. He was in the midst of learning Tractate Nidoh. Reb Elchonon spoke quietly and calmly, as was his practice. Not even the sound of his voice was changed. On his face, his customary earnestness. His tone betrayed no feeling for self, and he did not attempt to say good-bye to his son, Reb Naftali. He spoke to everyone, to the whole House of Israel.

"In Heaven it appears that they deem us to be righteous because our bodies have been chosen to stone for the Jewish people. Therefore, we must repent now, immediately. There is not much time. We must keep in mind that we will be better offerings if we repent. In this way we will save the lives of our brethren overseas.
"Let no thought enter our minds, God forbid, which is abominable and which renders an offering unfit. We are now fulfilling the greatest mizvah. With fire she was destroyed and with fire she will be rebuilt. The very fire which consumes our bodies will one day rebuild the Jewish people."

On Sunday on the evening of 16th of the Hebrew month of Elul [August 23, 1937],  the rabbinical leaders met to discuss the issue of a “Jewish State.” The meeting was stormy, and it dealt with the issue of the Three Oaths. A great dispute broke out in the session, and Rabbi Wasserman expressed pungent words that shocked his listeners. The following is what he said:

“We must emphasize and declare the position of our holy Torah in order to banish any confusion of ideas. Inasmuch as there are Jews who are Torah-observant who say that a Jewish State would be the “beginning of the Redemption,” we must inform them of the position of our Torah that this is nothing less than the beginning of a new Exile! What do I mean? After all, Jews have been living in Exile for some two thousand years, so how can this be a “beginning” of a new Exile? My intention is to expose the so-called Jewish Communists. An Exile such as this has never existed until today. None of us can even describe such an exile, an Exile under Jews! Only Jews from Russia have a slight sense of this situation, even though the regime there is not a “Jewish” one. One of the great rabbis of this generation recently told me that the term “beginning of the Redemption” in reference to the Zionist movement makes his hair stand on end!

“However, it could be said that it does bring the Redemption closer. The great Rabbi Eliyahu of Vilna (who lived in the 18th century) stated (see Kol Yerushalayim, 22 Elul 1937) that effect of Jewish suffering is that it brings the Redemption closer, and because the misfortune of a “Jewish State” would bring greater suffering upon us, it could be said that this brings the Redemption closer, as was the case in Egypt, that the oppression of bondage hastened the Redemption.”

In Hapardes (Year 11, Issue 7) Rabbi Pardes describes what he saw at the Convention: “Rabbi Wasserman, Rabbi Kotler, Rabbi Rottenberg from Antwerp, rabbis from Czechoslovakia and Hungary were unanimous in rejecting any proposal for a “Jewish State” on either side of the Jordan River, even if it were established as a religious state because such a regime would be a form of heresy in our faith in the belief in the coming of the Messiah, and especially since this little “Jewish” state would be built on heresy and desecration of the Name of God.

The late Rabbi Shlomo Rottenberg (a historian and author of Toldos Am Olam and other works), who also attended the Convention in 1937 used to say that he could still remember what was discussed there, and the harsh opposition of these rabbinical leaders to a “Jewish State” that is a violation of the Three Oaths mentioned in the Talmud. (Rabbi A.L. Spitzer)

[1] Hapardes, Chicago Year 11, Issue 6 (August 1937)

In vol. 231 of Das Yidishe Tagblat from 9 Tamuz 1939, R. Elchonon Wasserman said the following when asked about the terror methods of the Zionists:
"They (the Zionists) should be considered as persecutors (rodfim) against the Jewish People. It is forbidden to use such methods".
He once said regarding the Zionists in his novella on the Talmud:
"It is known that the Jewish People always suffer from two things:
1) Outsiders, and 2) Insiders with their false messiahs, with whom they promise to return to the
Holy Land. Their ultimate end is the giving up of Judaism by thousands of Jews."

"And in the Holy Land it is beyond any doubt, that the land will vomit them from its midst, for it is the "palace of the King" and does not hold evildoers...I do not come to curse... but because, this is exactly what is stated in the Torah, against our will it will come to pass..."

Rabbi Chaim Soloveichik of Brisk

Rabbi Chaim Soloveichik of Brisk (1853-1918), the founder of the "yeshiva approach to Talmudic study," was frequently quoted by his disciples as saying: 
"The Zionists do not make Jews heretics in order to have a state, they want a state in order to make Jews into heretics!"
Or, as he once wrote: 
"The Jewish people have suffered many (spiritual) plagues -- the Sadducees, Karaites, Hellenisers, Shabbatai Zvi, Enlightenment, Reform and many others. But the strongest of them all is Zionism."
This hideous strength was later explained by his son, the Brisker Rav, Rabbi Velvel Soloveichik (1886-1960) as being due to the Zionists having "attacked the center point of Judaism.

The following is a letter written by Rabbi Chaim Soloveitchik, one of the greatest rabbis in Lithuania in the early part of the century:

Dear Rabbi Moshe Carpas:

I have also read your words in connection with the sect of the Zionists who are now powerfully banded together. I do not blush to admit that I do not know how to find paths to oppose them.

Seeing that these men are known as evil in their localities, and have already proclaimed their purpose, which is to uproot the fundamentals of our faith, and to take over all Jewish communities to aid them in their plan.

It is hardly credible that after the revelations of their arrogant hearts there should still be found right-minded men willing to ally themselves with them. It is greatly astonishing throughout the whole Jewish People that they should be given a place and a voice in public affairs, since it is known they are causing others to sin.

Let the people guard their souls lest they join them in the destruction of our religion and become an obstacle to the House of

Rabbi Chaim Soloveitchik of Brisk said:

"If you intend to give a coin to the Jewish National Fund, give it to another idolatry, but not to the Zionists, since this idolatry is worse then any other."

Rabbi Yisrael Meir Hakohen, the Chofetz Chaim

"I am sure, that the zionists are descendents of Amalek."

[Editor Note:  For more information on this statement, read the website article: Clarification of Statements by the Chofetz Chaim]

The great Rabbi Yisrael Meir Hakohen, known as Chafetz Chaim wrote the following words decades ago:

If the thoughts of these Zionists were really for the good of Israel as they claim, they would refrain from this effort, and THERE WOULD BE AN END TO ALL THE CALAMITIES THAT SPRING FORTH FROM IT. At first sight there seems no reason why I should expand on this theme, seeing as it is clearly forbidden in the Talmudic tractate Ketuboth to go up to the Holy Land en masse. I fear that as one sin brings on another, that if they succeed, they will later transgress the prohibition against rebelling against other nations.

(God) knows that I have written  these words from concern for our brethren, the Children of Israel, lest He withdraw his care for us - Heaven forbid - SINCE WHOEVER READS THE WORDS OF THE ZIONISTS  WILL KNOW THAT EVEN THE BEST OF THE OTHER PEOPLES WILL BE TURNED INTO OUR ENEMIES.

Yisrael Meir Hakohen

In the 1930s, Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman, reported in the name of his teacher, Rabbi Yisrael Meir the Chafetz Chaim, that the Talmudic statement that God has sworn that His Name is incomplete, and his Seat is incomplete, until "they" are erased from the world refers to the Zionists. (There were elders in the city of Bnai Brak who heard these words from the Chafetz Chaim)

(Source: Chapter 3 of Rabbi Wasserman's booklet, "Proper Prayer")

A Letter from the Chofetz Chayim zt”l:

English Translation:

“Woe unto me if I do not speak although I am not a man of words.  If it were not a matter of life and death, I would not be willing to write.  Your honour has done well to turn to the great ones of our people and enlarge on the extent of danger involved in it.  It is not a time to keep silent.

If the thoughts of these Zionists were really for the good of Israel as they claim they would withhold themselves from the matter, and there would be an end to all the calamities, that spring from it.  At first sight there seems no reason why I should expand on this theme, seeing that it is clearly forbidden in the tractate of Kesubos to go up to the Land in a column, meaning with a multitude.  I in my innocence venture to fear, that one sin brings on another, and that if they transgress the prohibition against, rebelling against the nations of the world.

I have pain in expanding on this theme.  I spoke seriously to one of the most famous Mizrachists in our country, and I told him that all their activity was opposed to the Torah.  He regarded as if I were deluded, and told me that there was no other way to rid ourselves of the Exile, and asked how long we should wait for redemption through miraculous means.

I became convinced that there was no hope of these people listening to the voice of the mighty men of the Torah.  We are able to know at a glance that our healing will not spring from them, and that their glory shall not be for ever, especially seeing that it is publicly known that a certain one of them, has denied the God of Israel and that another like Sennacherib has reviled the Hosts of the Living God.  What have they to do with Israel and with the Holy Land?

The Holy One, blessed by His Name, knows the thoughts of human hearts.  He knows that I have written all these words from concern for our brethren, the children of Israel, lest He withdraw His care for us—Heaven forbid—for whoever reads the words of the Zionists will know, that even the best among Gentiles will be turned into our enemies.

Let our brethren know that until the time of the Messiah, we are destined to be in Exile and to be subordinated to the nations until the Holy One, blessed be He, Himself will deliver those whom He collects and, eye to eye, will Israel see God return to Zion.”

SOURCE:  "The Transformation"  The Voice of Torah, pp 188-19

Lubavitcher Rebbe, Grand Rabbi Sholem Dov Ber Schneersohn ZT"L

On the Zionists, Zionism and the State

(A letter written by the famous Lubavitcher Rebbe, R. Shalom Dov ber Schneerson)

An important contribution to the struggle against Zionism was made by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Grand Rabbi Sholem Dov Ber Schneersohn ZT"L. His words that are here translated, deal at some length with the character of Zionism and some of the falsifications and ambiguities connected with it. They were uttered in response to questions raised by Rabbi Aaronson who sought to justify the Zionists in the eyes of the Rebbe and ventured to raise questions on the subject of the strong letter written by the Rebbe three years earlier. This account of the dispute with Rabbi Aaronson was written by the Rebbe himself and here are a few extracts:

Rabbi Aaronson:

The Lubavitcher Rebbe:

From all the writings of the Zionists we can clearly see that their main aim and activity is to create the impression among the Jewish People that the whole purpose of the Torah and the commandments is merely to strengthen national feeling. This theory can easily be adopted by the youth who regard themselves as instruments prepared for the fulfillment of the Zionist ideal. They regard themselves as completely liberated form Torah and the commandments. They think nationalism has replaced religion... When Herzl was in the Holy Land he was far removed from God. He OPENLY PROFANED THE TORAH BY ENTERING THE HOLY CITY ON THE SABBATH. HE WENT TO THE SITE OF THE SANCTUARY WHICH EVEN FROM A HUMAN POINT OF VIEW HE SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE, THUS OPENLY PROFANING THE SABBATH IN THE HOLY CITY, AND IN THE PLACE OF HIS TEMPLE, DOING EVIL IN THE SIGHT OF GOD. In order to influence our brethren in favor of the Zionist aspiration for an independent nation and government, they have no alternative but to lead the people astray from the path of of Torah and the commandments, or at least, to weaken their attachment as much as possible SO THAT NATIONALISM SHOULD PREVAIL OVER TORAH, BECAUSE IT IS KNOWN THAT THOSE ATTACHED TO THE TORAH ARE UNLIKELY TO CHANGE AND ACCEPT SOME OTHER FORM OF FAITH. It is surely clear that the Zionists not only are not approaching Judaism, but that they entirely destroy Jewish souls in intentionally TAKING AWAY FROM THEM EVEN THE HIDDEN AND MYSTICAL FEELING IN THEIR SOULS FOR THE TORAH AND THE COMMANDMENTS.... Sholem Ber Schneersohn

"Regarding your question about the Zionists, allow me to respond briefly. Those who assist the Zionists will pay at the Day of Judgment, because they are causing the masses to sin. Therefore, whoever is on the side of God and his Torah shall not join with evildoers and not become attached to them. On the contrary, they should oppose them as much as possible."

Your friend in truth, Shalom Dov Ber from Lubavitch

He also said:

"The Zionists were more clever  than the others, since they exchanged nationalism for the Torah and commandments, as Mandelstam wrote publicly, that a Jew doesn't have to be someone who keeps the commandments , but rather is a Zionist, even if he does not wear phylacteries and does not keep the Sabbath...."

Rabbi Shaul Brach

The following was written by the eminent late Rabbi Shaul Brach, one of the great anti-Zionist rabbis in Hungary before World War II, in the introduction to a religious text called Avos Al Banim. His words, just like the words of Rabbi Teitelbaum ring clearer than ever today.

"Since the dawn of the Zionist movement, suffering has not ceased to exist in the world. All the warnings of the Torah have been fulfilled in their details among our People all over the world. For a believer it is no surprise that the Zionists are the same as the heretics at the time of the Destruction of the Temple. Thus, divine judgment has been unleashed on the entire world.

It is, however, surprising how they can continue in their ways unless they have rejected the entire Torah and the Prophets, inasmuch as they support Zionism, they must surely hope they are successful. But the Torah states, "..lest the Land vomit you out because of how you defiled it."

It is amazing that the leaders of the Agudah movement want many Jews to live in the Holy Land. Don't they fear for the lives of their children given the fact that there is nowhere else on earth where there is so much heresy and sectarianism as in the Holy Land today?

As far as our brethren in America who support the Zionist heresy in the Holy Land are concerned, if they don't face up to the truth, in liberal AMERICA they will quickly feel the effects of the verse, "With anger poured out will I rule over you." May God have mercy.”

Rabbi Yissachar Dov Belze Rabbe


Rabbi Yissachar Dov Belze Rabbe

Rabbi Yissachar Dov of Belz once said:

" There could be, before the arrival of Mashiach, that the Satan should succeed, and the evildoers should get a State in the
Land of Israel. Their state would be a big danger for every Jew in material and spiritual matters."

Rabbi Chaim Oizer Grodzinski

Letter written by the renowned Rabbi Chayim Oizer Grodzinski, zt”l of Vilna to Chief Rabbi Dr. Guedemann of Vienna:
English Translation:

Your honour knows that in the matter of the Zionists and the Mizrachi, I am in correspondence with the Gaonim of this generation, and all of them, have decided that Zionism is the work of the Sitro Achro with all its seductions and incitements, for the purpose of turning Israel from the good path and, that a great danger arises from it for all the Congregation of the Exile—Heaven forbid—and that all those who venture to defend the Zionists, are no better than they.

To our shame, some rabbis in our country have joined the Zionists and have founded an organization under the name of Mizrachi, and they have rejected all the rebukes of the Gedoilei Hatorah, and they pretend to be men with respect for the Word of the Lord.

They have founded committees and it is likely that they will turn to your honour. I am therefore informing your honor that all the Gedoilim in our land are perplexed at the matter. In the books of the Poskim there is no suggestion that it is our duty to found a kingdom. On the contrary, our sages, the Tenoim and the Amoiroim, have expressly forbidden this. These rabbis of the Mizrachi have no faith, and do not trust in the salvation of the Lord and their minds have become deranged into believing that in a state founded by the hands of man there will be peace for us.”

SOURCE:  "The Transformation

The Voice of Torah, pp 186-187
Chaim Elazar Shapiro - The Rabbi of Munkatch

Rabbi Chaim Elazar Shapiro (1871-1936), was the rabbi of the Munkatch chassidim in the city called Munkatchev, now located in south-western Ukraine.

He was an outstanding scholar and a commentator on all areas of Torah scholarship. He was known for his vociferous opposition to the Zionist heresy in all its forms, and was a major rabbinical authority paving the way for the succeeding generations of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews. In the period after World War I he worked tirelessly to stem the winds of Zionist heresy from blowing through the loyal Orthodox communities in Eastern Europe, and never refrained from confronting other rabbis who he thought were yielding to the pressures of Zionist influence in the Orthodox communities.

The great scholar, Rabbi Chaim Elazar Shapiro, the head of the rabbinical court of the city of Munkatch during the riots in the city of Hebron and Jerusalem in 1929, said that the non-Jews should be made aware that loyal Jews declined the offers contained in the Balfour Declaration of 1917.

“While I was in the city of Marinbad during the violence that took place in Hebron and Jerusalem, I prepared a proposal to calm the situation, including that I should travel that very day to Prague and Vienna to visit the representatives of the British government to promote an opportunity to change the situation whereby the ultra-Orthodox parties who were sympathetic to the idea of the Declaration would retract their support of it in a radio broadcast (since in any case there was no positive purpose to the Balfour Declaration, but rather it served only to incite anger and hatred on the part of the Arabs). However, not a single leader of any of those political parties in Marinbad wanted to do so. They even attempted to suggest that the Balfour Declaration was an awesome concept (I do not want to go into details about these political issues) in order to save Jewish souls facing oppression. But the truth of the matter is that this was all merely posturing, and their true interest was in following along after their Zionist heretic masters for purposes of power, money and honor. Woes to us that such things have arisen in our generation.”

(From his Jewish legal responsa entitled Minchas Elazar, Part V, Section 36)

Tikkun Olam

The Hebrew book Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World) is a collection of correspondence and rabbinical rulings published by two members of the Orthodox Jewish community of the city of Munkatchevo, Ukraine in 1936. The collection represents the views of many important scholars and rabbis of Eastern Europe , especially the former Austro-Hungarian Empire against the various permutations of secular and religious Zionism in the period between the two World Wars. Among the many dozens of rabbis whose views are included in the book are Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum of Satmar (1890-1979) and Rabbi Chaim Elazar Shapiro of Munkatchevo (1870-1936), both whom were known as vociferous and uncompromising opponents of the Zionist heretical movement.

Words of Zionists, proves that their loyalty, is to Satan, not to God, not even to the Jews!

Words of the Zionists - Today's Quote

Dr. Chaim Weizmann

In the Zionist Congress which took place in London in 1937, Dr. Weizmann established the line of policy with his words:

"The hopes of Europe's six million Jews are centered on emigration. I was asked, 'Can you bring six million Jews to Palestine?'I replied, 'No'....From the depths of the tragedy I want to save two million young people...The old ones will pass. They will bear their fate or they will not. They were dust, economic and moral dust in a cruel world...Only the branch of the young shall survive...They have to accept it."

...Holocaust Victims Accuse, pp 25.
Chaim Weizmann reporting to the Zionist Congress in 1937 on his testimony before the Peel Commission in London, July 1937. Cited in Yahya, p. 55.

Zionism and Anti-Semitism

The Zionists are not the saviors of the Jewish People and guarantors of their safety, but rather the instigators and original cause of Jewish suffering in the Holy Land and worldwide. The idea that Zionism and the State of “Israel” is the protector of Jews is probably the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the Jewish People. Indeed, where else since 1945 have Jews been in such physical danger as in the Zionist state?!

Jews are enjoined by their religious laws to be loyal to the country of which they are citizens.  

Ever since the destruction of the holy Temple in Jerusalem and the exile of the Jewish People some two thousand years ago. One of the great biblical prophets, Jeremiah, in chapter 29 of his book proclaimed God's message to all the exiled; verse seven reads, "Seek out the welfare of the city to which I have exiled you and pray for it to the Almighty, for through its welfare will you have welfare."

Torah-true Jews wish to live in peace and harmony with their neighbors in every country among the community of nations, including in historic Palestine.  They deplore acts and policies of violence carried out by those who, misusing the name of Israel their forefather Jacob, have substituted the ideal of chauvinist nationalism for the eternal values of the Torah, the eternal divinely bestowed inheritance of the Jewish people.

It has been the age-old intention of Zionism to intentionally stir up anti-Semitism anywhere possible, and even more commonly, to take advantage of any Jewish suffering anywhere in order to enhance its cause Indeed, hatred of Jews and Jewish suffering is the oxygen of the Zionist movement, and from the very beginning has been to deliberately incite hatred of the Jew and then, in feigned horror, use it to justify the existence of the Zionist state – this is, of course, Machiavellianism raised to the highest degree. Thus, the Zionists thrive on hatred and suffering of Jews, and seek to benefit thereby through keeping Jews in perpetual fear, causing them to ignore the true nature of Zionism, and instead to consider the Zionist state is their salvation.


Although Zionists and others dispute it, the undeniable fact is that revolutionary secular and apostate elements in the Jewish community in Europe contributed greatly to hostility towards Jews after World War I. This aroused hatred of Jews in general among many non-Jews. While a prisoner in 1924 in the fortress of Lansberg on the River Lech, Hitler wrote his Mein Kampf.  When he became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, he was assisted by Goebbels, Roseberg and Streicher.  From them came the declarations, “The Jews of Germany caused the defeat of Germany in the 1914-1918 war; the Jews of Germany were responsible for the terrible conditions in Germany that followed the war; the Jews of Germany are foreigners and they wish to remain foreigners; they have no loyalty to the country of their birth; they are not human; they are filthy dogs; they have no right to intrude into Germany’s affairs; there are too many Jews in Germany.

As far as Zionism is concerned, the founder of Zionism and apostate, Theodor Herzl, sought to intensify hatred of the Jew in order to enhance the cause of political Zionism. Here are some of his “pearls”:

“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews. . . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans. . .I have an excellent idea. . . I shall induce anti-semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. . . The anti-semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews.  The anti-semites shall be our best friends”. (From his Diary, Part I, pp. 16)

Additional words from the vivid imagination of this dreamer, from p. 68 of Part I of his Diary.

So anti-Semitism, which is a deeply imbedded force in the subconscious mind of the masses, will not harm the Jews. I actually find it to be advantageous to building the Jewish character, education by the masses that will lead to assimilation. This education can only happen through suffering, and the Jews will adapt.

Hateful views of Jews as being subhuman did not have to be invented by Nazi theorists such as Hitler, Goebbels, Rosenberg and Streicher. This ideology was simply adapted from statements of political Zionists such as those found in the writings of the Zionist Yehezkel Kaufman in 1933.

In 1920 there were statements hostile to Jews expressed at Heidelberg University. These statements, arguing that Jews of Germany had caused the turmoil that followed the war; that the Jews of Germany had nothing in common with Germans, and that Germans had the right to prevent the Jews of Germany from intruding into the affairs of their volk were not made by Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf, but by Nahum Goldmann, who went in to become the President of the World Zionist Organization and head of the World Jewish Congress, and, indisputably, the most influential political Zionist in the world, second only to the Prime Minister of the State of Israel.

In 1921, Germans in Germany were told that:

“We Jews are aliens… a foreign people in your midst and we… wish to stay that way.  A Jew can never be a loyal German; whoever calls the foreign land his Fatherland is a traitor to the Jewish people“.

Who spoke these vile words? It was Jacob Klatzkin, the second of two political Zionist ideologists in Germany at the time, where the Jews of Germany were enjoying full political and civil rights.  It was he who had advocated undermining Jewish communities as the one certain way of acquiring a state.  “They had no qualms concerning tearing down the existing Jewish communities.”

Who spoke in a public address at a political Zionist meeting in Berlin and declared that “Germany… has too many Jews”?  Was it Hitler or Goebbels? No, it was Chaim Weizman, later to become the first President of the State of Israel.  This address was published in 1920, and, thus, four years before Hitler had even written Mein Kampf.

How many Zionist Jews know of this vicious treachery uttered by these senior political Zionist leaders, these apostates from the Jewish People?  At the Nuremberg Trials of Major War Criminals, Nazi propagandist, Julius Streicher testified:  “I did no more than echo what the leading Zionists had been saying”, it is clear that he had told the truth.

In addition to Hitler, Rosenberg, Goebbels and Streicher, many other Nazi leaders used statements from Zionists to validate their charges against the Jews of Germany.  Such are the efforts of Zionist leaders to this very day to maintain a high degree of anti-semitism in order to enable them, in feigned horror, to then point to anti-semitism to support their idolatrous and anti-Jewish cause. In 1963, Moshe Sharett, then Chairman of the Jewish Agency, told the 38th Annual Congress of the Scandinavian Youth Federation that the freedom enjoyed by the majority of Jews imperiled Zionism, and at the 26th World Zionist Congress, the delegates were told that the Jew is endangered by the easing of anti-Semitism in the United States  “We are endangered by freedom” he declared.

As we stated earlier, Zionism thrives on anti-Semitism.  Ben Gurion declared, “…not always and not everywhere do I opposed anti-Semitism”.  Zionists regularly pull out their handy “anti-Semite” race card against anyone, Jew or non-Jew, who dares to speak out against the wickedness of Zionism.

During World War II, the Lehi organization, an offshoot of Begin’s Irgun that was headed by Yitzchak Shamir sought an alliance with Nazis! The following is a quote from the writings of the Lehi in their contact with the Nazis:

"The establishment of the historical Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis and bound by a treaty with the German Reich would be in the interests of strengthening the future German position of power in the Near East ... The NMO in Palestine offers to take an active part in the war on Germany's side ... The cooperation of the Israeli freedom movement would also be in line with one of the recent speeches of the German Reich Chancellor, in which Herr Hitler stressed that any combination and any alliance would be entered into in order to isolate England and defeat it."

To those who assume that Zionists have been on the side of freedom and equality, these words seem strange. However, to those who understand the root of Zionism, which is the transformation and eradication of the concept of the traditional Jew and Judaism, these statements are not strange at all. They are to be expected.

The Zionists agreed with Nazism in general, even prior to the advent of Nazism. They believed that Jews could not, and should not, live in harmony in any other society in the world, and that should be removed from those societies for the benefit of those societies. They believed that the new Jewish existence in its own State would remake the image of Jews as “useless” and “parasites.” These ideas existed long before Adolf Hitler!

There is a huge amount of literature describing how the Zionists made it very difficult to save Jews during and after World War II. As various individuals and organizations were trying to arrange departures of Jews to western countries, the Zionists worked overtime to prevent this from happening. They expressed the opinion that building up the Jewish population of Palestine was more important than enabling Jews to go to third countries, and they insisted to western powers that Jews should not be accepted anywhere other than Palestine. Indeed, Yitzchak Greenbaum, a famous Zionist, proclaimed that “one cow in Palestine was worth more than all the Jews in Poland.” The infamous David Ben-Gurion said in 1938:

"If I knew it was possible to save all the children in Germany by taking them to England, and only half of the children by taking them to Eretz Israel, I would choose the second solution. For we must take into account not only the lives of these children but also the history of the people of Israel."

Read about the brutal Zionist role in the Holocaust.

After the war, a Zionist “religious” leader, Rabbi Klaussner, who was in charge of displaced persons presented a report before the Jewish American Conference on May 2nd, 1948 :

"I am convinced people must be forced to go to Palestine...For them, an American dollar appears as the highest of goals. By the word "force", I am suggesting a programme. It served for the evacuation of the Jews in Poland, and in the history of the 'Exodus'... To apply this programme we must, instead of providing 'displaced persons' with comfort, create the greatest possible discomfort for them...At a second stage, a procedure calling upon the Haganah to harass the Jews."

The Zionists worked relentlessly to create fear among Jews in the Arab countries after the Zionist state was established. Their tactic work most successfully in Yemen, Morocco, Iraq, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia.

The writings of Mr. Naim Giladi document in detail what the Zionists did in Baghdad in 1950 to provoke the departure of the Jews to the Zionist state. The Zionists do not care what effect their policies have on the Jewish communities of any country. When they accuse European nations of every sin under the sun, do the Zionists care that this will produce hostility towards Jews? No! Not a bit. On the contrary, as we have discussed, they thrive on such circumstances, clinging to the vain hope that these Jewish communities will rush for the “salvation” of the “safe haven” of the Zionist Paradise where Jews are in constant danger as the Zionist regime undertakes every form of cruel provocation against neighboring Arabs and Muslims.

In more recent times the Zionists have sought every opportunity to encourage Jews to leave their home countries. Anytime there is even the smallest event of hostility toward Jews on the heels of Zionist policy, or if there are signs of economic distress and dislocation, the Zionists magnify it a thousand times, seek to ruthlessly humiliate the nations involved, and agitate for Jews to go to the Zionist state, the so-called “natural home” of the Jewish People.  This has been the case in countries such as France, Argentina, Uruguay, the former Soviet Union and Egypt.

The promises of the Torah are always to be realized. This verse from the Torah demonstrates that those who are his enemies will pay a price when The kingdom of GOD will prevail.

Deuteronomy 32:43: Praise his People, O Nations: For he will avenge the blood of his servants. He will render vengeance against his adversaries and make expiation for his land and his People.


Three Strong Oaths

The true Jewish position on Zionism and the state called Israel is found in the Scriptures in the Talmud and in the oral traditions transmitted to us by our parents and teachers.

At the outset of the Jews' exile to Babylonia, the Prophet Jeremiah, in chapter 29 of his book proclaimed God's message to all the exiled…Verse seven reads, "Seek out the welfare of the city to which I have exiled you and pray for it to the Almighty, for through its welfare will you have welfare." This has been a cornerstone of Jewish "foreign policy" how to behave in the lands of the nations throughout our ensuing exiles till this very day.

There Jeremiah adds in the name of God (verses 8 and 9), "Do not let your false prophets among you and your sorcerers seduce you, do not head your dreamers which you cause them to dream. For they speak falsely to you in My name. I did not send them." This too has applied to all the would-be misleaders of Jews whether they presented themselves as prophets or as sorcerers or as dreamers of national aspirations.

King Solomon in Song of Songs thrice adjured the "daughters of Jerusalem" not to arouse or bestir the love until it is ready." The Talmud explains That we have been foresworn, by three strong oaths, not to ascend to the Holy Land as a group using force, not to rebel against the governments of countries in which we live, and not by our sins, to prolong the coming of moshiach; as is written in Tractate Kesubos 111a .

Throughout the seventy years of the Babylonian exile, throughout the 200 years of the Hellenic exile and throughout the 1917 since the destruction of God's Holy House, we have steadfastly maintained our loyalty to God and have not transgressed His oaths. And we have prayed for the welfare of the cities and the countries of our host nations that did not oppress us, and in their welfare we indeed always found ours.

Whoever violates Jeremiah's principles or Solomon's oaths immediately imperils the welfare of Jews locally and elsewhere in the world.

The Maharal of Prague (Rabbi Betzalel Lowy who lived in the 17th century) explained that the prohibition of violating the Three Oaths applies even if the other nations force the Jewish People to do so.

In addition, he wrote in his book Netzach Yisroel (Chapter 24) that these Oaths may not be modified so as to affect the decree of Exile, and he expanded on the description in the Midrashic text on Song of Songs 2:18.

“Even if the nations wanted to kill the Jews with terrible torture, the Jews are forbidden to change the applicability of the Oaths. This is relevant to every one of these oaths and must be understood.” Therefore, not only is it forbidden to leave the Exile even with the permission of the nations, but even if they force the Jewish People to do so under pain of death, it is forbidden to violate these Oaths in the same way it is required to give up one’s life rather than accept another religion.

Even during the forced conversions under the kingdom of Portugal in the late 15th century it was forbidden to violate the Oath.

Rabbi Avraham Galanti, who other rabbis described as outstanding in his level of holiness, and who was a student of the great kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Cordovero in the 16th century, explained aspects of the Three Oaths in his book Zechus Avos [Merit of the Patriarchs] where he recounts how some Jews in Portugal wanted to revolt against the kingdom rather than submit to forced conversion. A rabbi quoted the verses from Song of Songs to the people who wanted to revolt, and pointed to the Talmudic tractate Ketuboth p. 111 which states that God made the Jewish People take three Oaths – one was that they should not rebel against God by rebelling against the nations. Thereafter the Jews submitted to death rather than forced conversion. Although the description in Ketuboth does not say that the Oaths involve directly rebelling against God, it is clear that the very violation of these Oaths is rebellion against God himself.


Cheney Plan Exempts CIA From Bill Barring Abuse of Detainees

By R. Jeffrey Smith and Josh White

Washington Post Staff Writers
Tuesday, October 25, 2005; Page A01

The Bush administration has proposed exempting employees of the Central Intelligence Agency from a legislative measure endorsed earlier this month by 90 members of the Senate that would bar cruel and degrading treatment of any prisoners in U.S. custody.

The proposal, which two sources said Vice President Cheney handed last Thursday to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in the company of CIA Director Porter J. Goss, states that the measure barring inhumane treatment shall not apply to counterterrorism operations conducted abroad or to operations conducted by "an element of the United States government" other than the Defense Department.

… the CIA is said by former intelligence officials and others to be holding several dozen detainees of particular intelligence interest at locations overseas ….

Cheney's proposal is drafted …." But the precise applicability of this section is not clear, and none of those involved in last week's discussions would discuss it openly yesterday.

McCain, the principal sponsor of the legislation, rejected the proposed exemption at the meeting with Cheney, according to a government source who spoke without authorization and on the condition of anonymity. McCain spokeswoman Eileen McMenamin declined to comment. But the exemption has been assailed by human rights experts critical of the administration's handling of detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"This is the first time they've said explicitly that the intelligence community should be allowed to treat prisoners inhumanely," said Tom Malinowski, the Washington advocacy director for Human Rights Watch. "In the past, they've only said that the law does not forbid inhumane treatment." Now, he said, the administration is saying more concretely that it cannot be forbidden.

The provision in question -- which the Senate on Oct. 5 voted 90 to 9 to attach to its version of the pending defense appropriations bill over the administration's opposition -- essentially proscribes harsh treatment of any detainees in U.S. custody or control anywhere in the world. It was specifically drafted to close what its backers say is a loophole in the administration's policy of generally barring torture, namely its legal contention that these constraints do not apply to treatment of foreigners on foreign soil.

…Cheney's meeting with McCain last week was his third attempt to persuade the lawmaker, a former prisoner of war in Vietnam, to accept a less broad legislative bar against inhumane treatment. Cheney spokeswoman Lea Anne McBride declined to comment, saying, "the vice president does not discuss private conversations that he has with members [of Congress] . . . or information that may be exchanged with members."

…" CIA spokeswoman Jennifer Millerwise Dyck, a former Cheney aide, said the agency does not comment on the director's meetings.

Other sources said the vice president is also still fighting a second provision of the Senate-passed legislation, which requires that detainees in Defense Department custody anywhere in the world may be subjected only to interrogation techniques approved and listed in the Army's Field Manual….

The CIA has been implicated in a number of alleged abuses in Iraq and has been linked to at least a few cases in which detainees have died during interrogations at separate military bases throughout the country. So far, no CIA operatives have been charged in connection with the abuse, although a single CIA contract employee is on trial for involvement in the death of an Afghanistan detainee, and sources have indicated that a grand jury may be looking at other allegations involving the CIA.

A report by the CIA inspector general's office on the agency's role in the handling of detainees is classified. It has been shown to the Justice Department and briefed only to a few lawmakers. Several military investigations have already blamed the CIA for leading a program in Iraq that essentially made detainees disappear within the military's detention system with no record of their captivity -- a practice that human rights groups have said violated international laws of war.

In a particularly infamous case, a detainee at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq named Manadel Jamadi was photographed after his death, packed in ice, by military police soldiers at the facility. He allegedly died in a shower room during interrogation by CIA officers after being brought there by Navy Seal team members. A high-level CIA operative allegedly helped conceal Jamadi's death after Army officers found his body.

CIA'… refused to provide Army officers with documents deemed relevant to the probes.

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[18:107]. Lo! those who believe and do good works, theirs are the Gardens of Paradise, for welcome,

[18:108]. Wherein they will abide, with no desire to be removed from thence.

[18:109]. Say: Though the sea became ink for the Words of my Lord, verily the sea would be used up before the Words of my Lord were exhausted, even if We brought the like thereof to supply as ink.

[18:110]. Say (O Muhammad): I am only a mortal like you. My Lord inspireth in me that your God is only One God. And whoever hopeth for the meeting with his Lord, let him do righteous work, and associate none as a partner in the worship of his Lord.

And By That God Declared Victory?